Membrane Roofing - Eaves Detail

This article follows on from Simple Membrane Roofing, and illustrates an overhanging eaves detail, with a Sarnafil roof and aluminium cladding, joining a simple blockwork wall below. You can download an AutoCAD file of this detail (in 2004 format) at the end of the article. For more information and details, visit the Sarnafil website at

Membrane roofing eaves.jpg

  1. Standard flat roof construction with Sarnafil membrane - see this article for more information.
  2. Blockwork wall with two 140mm block leaves, 100mm cavity with partial fill insulation, internal 12.5mm plasterboard and external render finish.
  3. Sarnafil membrane fully adhered to end of deck.
  4. Sarnametal roof trim pieces, cover end of membrane.
  5. Rubber sealing strip.
  6. Hot air weld, creates waterproof joints between Sarnametal pieces and membrane.
  7. 175 x 50mm softwood rafter, overhangs exterior wall.
  8. 75 x 50mm softwood trimmer closes gaps between ends of rafters.
  9. Aluminium gutter, fixed underneath Sarnametal trim.
  10. 18mm WBP (water and boil proof) plywood.
  11. Aluminium fascia panel, screwed to plywood
  12. Aluminium soffit panel, screwed to plywood, perforated with integral insect mesh to allow ventilation of roof space.
  13. Aluminium closure panel, covers gap between soffit and wall.


Source: Professional architect's drawings 

Additional downloadable files

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